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Sold as: MDMA
ID: 6789
Test Date: Nov 14, 2018
Pub. Date: Nov 15, 2018
Src Location: MI
Submitter Loc: Santa Barbara, CA
United States
Color: White or Tan
Size: 123 mg, 20.70 x 6.40
Data Source: DrugsData (EcstasyData)
Tested by: DDL
Lab's ID: 81100011
Sold as: MDMA
Expected to be: MDMA
Lab comments:
Retention time resembles the 5- isomer, isomers may not be differentiated by GC/MS.
Tan capsule containing soft white powder.
Prescription venlafaxine comes in capsules that are this color and that have these numbers (93 9385) on them -- EcstasyData has no idea how a sample of this powder ended up in a capsule that looks like a venlafaxine capsule.