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White Powder
Sold as: Molly / MDMA
ID: 11951
Sold as: Molly / MDMA
Expected to be: MDA, or contains substitutes and/or contaminants
Has Been Tried: Yes
White chunky crystalline powder in baggie. Described by sender as ''very hard brick crystal that chisels down to white and some other colors.''
''Upon consumption, it felt like a combo of the length of MDA (6ish rather than 4ish hours), the lovely uppity feeling of MDMA, like the best of both worlds. But, if you don't take HALF your normal dose at first, it will come up incredibly strong and often cause nausea. This nausea quickly disappears. The next morning was quite enjoyable and productive.

(I consider a normal dose between .10 and .12. My first encounter I only took 0.05 and did not take any more the rest of the night. My roommate ate .14 all at once.)

Tested with reagents (which were about a year old, but stored improperly in a hot attic for the summer months). The Marquis, Mecke, Mandelin, Ehrlich, Liebermann and Hofmann reacted with proper color, the sizzle I've learned to appreciate, but the chemical smell was far stronger than any I've inhaled and it sizzled more than I've ever seen a reagent react. The Simons A & B test result was different than any I'd seen. Rather than Simon B turning blue instantly, or having no reaction at all, it very slowly turned dark blue.''