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Yin Yang
ID: 1633
Result Photo
Microgram: The DEA Western Laboratory (San Francisco, California) recently received two exhibits of apparent Ecstasy tablets, all 9 millimeters in diameter by 4 millimeters thick, suspected MDMA (see Photos 7 and 8 (colors not true)). The exhibits were acquired by the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office (no further details). The first exhibit contained two multicolored speckled blue tablets (total net mass 249 milligrams) with a ying/yang logo on one side and a score mark on the opposite side. [...] Analysis of both exhibits by GC and GC/IRD, however, identified not MDMA but rather a mixture of ketamine, methamphetamine, and dimethylsulfone. The drug components were not formally quantitated, but were estimated as 4.1 percent ketamine and 0.4 percent methamphetamine in the ying/yang logo tablets [...]. This is believed to be the first submission of Ecstasy mimic tablets containing a mixture of ketamine and methamphetamine to the Western Laboratory.