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MDAI Powder (Unknown RCHMY)
Sold as: MDAI
ID: 3707
Sold as: MDAI
Expected to be: MDAI
Submitter: Sold as MDAI in June, 2015. Expected to be MDAI. However, the WEDINOS testing service in Wales reported this sample contains phenylpiracetam, but I believe this is a mistake as they have found multiple samples from different sources with the same contaminant.

EcstasyData: For inexperienced labs, this is a very common problem: certain drugs can become 'sticky' inside GC/LC columns or other equipment and contaminate all samples until the material is removed, the technicians know how to verify it is just a leftover trace, or the part of the equipment is replaced. Over the years, EcstasyData and DDL have encountered this problem repeatedly and have developed techniques and procedures to avoid that. DDL has been great and has a few rules they use to reduce the likelihood of contaminating the column.

But, once contamination has been noticed (it should be a red flag if multiple independent samples show low amounts of the same unusual chemical), steps need to be taken not to 'contaminate' the data and reports. Hopefully this result can be useful to WEDINOS to help them verify that some results may have been mis-reported.