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S903 (Green Hulk)
Sold as: Alprazolam
ID: 7991
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GC/MS Graph
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Test Date: Nov 25, 2019
Pub. Date: Nov 25, 2019
Src Location: Los Angeles, CA
Submitter Loc: Denver, CO
United States
Color: Green
Size: 330 mg, 15.80 x 4.70 x 3.64
Data Source: DrugsData
Tested by: DDL
Lab's ID: 20191100035
Sold as: Alprazolam
Expected to be: Etizolam, Alprazolam
Green tablet with two scores and imprint S 90 3. No break lines (blank) on reverse side.

Sender comments: 'Not classic bitter taste of alprazolam. Still has effects.'
Jun 17 2022: Sucrose octaacetate matched for the Unidentified. The DrugsData lab does not normally identify and report sugars. This version of sucrose is a bittering agent used in commercial products to reduce accidental ingestion. This is a special case, please do not ask us to identify simple sugars and salts.