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Sold as: LSD
ID: 9911
Sold as: LSD
Expected to be: 2C-x or NBOMe
One dose unit of blotter, sender referred to this material as 'Acid mimic'.

Reagent result (prior to sending in sample): Ehrlich - 'did not react'

Sender comments: 'Ehrlich reagent test did not react; Marquis and Mecke reagents had some reaction that was difficult or didn't make sense based on the psychedelic effects. Even at low doses, the visuals were extremely similar to LSD. The general duration of the effects were nearer to 20 hours or more with high doses. The head and body effects are noticeably different from LSD based on past experiences; less mental other than an empathogenic side. The substance creates tolerance to LSD, but not vice versa.'
Faint pink of Marquis and Mecke may be due to dye/ink on the blotter.