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Tan Powder
Sold as: Heroin
ID: 10187
Result Photo Detail Photo
GC/MS Graph
Detail Photo
Sold as: Heroin
Expected to be: Heroin
Oct 5 2021: The substance that was initially unidentified, and then tentatively identified as 1,3 diacetin, is not 1,3 diacetin. At the suggestion of a chemist in Erowid's expert network a reference standard was ordered for triacetin (CAS# 102-76-1), which has a very similar MS. The lab has confirmed the unidentified compound in this sample as triacetin.

May 19 2021: Through DrugsData's expert network, the previously unidentified substance (see spectra, left) has been identified at 1,3 diacetin (CAS# 105-70-4). We are attempting to source a certified standard for 1,3 diacetin to re-run this sample and confirm the identification.
Tan residue and cotton in cooker.

Experience Note: 'Good high, mixed it with another batch'