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White Powder
Sold as: HXE (Hydroxyethamine)
ID: 10190
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GC/MS Graph
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Sold as: HXE (Hydroxyethamine)
Expected to be: HXE
Lab comments:
[See Sep 2021 update below]

Apr 19 2021: Possible HXE, however no certified standard for HXE is currently available. Mass spectrum similar to methoxmetamine.
Soft white/off-white powder in capsule.

Experience Note: 'Little bit of 'dusty' smell to it.'
Sep 8 2021: The MS appears to match HXE, and a certified reference standard is now available. The 'Unidentified' designation has changed to 'Hydroxetamine', and the standard's been ordered. This sample will be retested after the HXE standard reaches the lab.

Apr 19 2021: A certified reference standard for HXE doesn't currently appear to be commercially available. If one becomes available within 12 months, we could order it and re-analyze this sample.