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Sold as: (not sold, gifted) Cannabis
ID: 10409
Sold as: (not sold, gifted) Cannabis
Expected to be: Cannabis + ?
Lab comments:
Other minor components naturally occurring in cannabis are present besides the THC, CBG and CBN listed above.
Crumbs of plant material with white powder visible.

Sender comments this material came from 'Green bud with small white powder bits that could be seen in corner of bag. [...] got it for free on 4/20 from someone in park, used it, went into heavy nod and knew it wasn't right.'

BTNX Fentanyl Test Strip (prior to sending in sample): Positive (3x)
Prior approval is required before sending in a whole cannabis or cannabis product sample to DrugsData, because this program will only analyze a cannabis sample if it is suspected of being adulterated, like this one.