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LSD (Liquid)
Sold as: LSD
ID: 10500
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GC/MS Graph
Detail Photo
Sold as: LSD
Expected to be: LSD
Liquid sent in on paper for testing. Appears black/brown on paper.
Jul 23, 2021: In the course of reviewing the last 12 months of ergoloid samples for the possible presence of tryptamine (see LSD sample #10683 for context), in this sample #10500 the lab identified the presence of tri-ethyl citrate, which was not originally reported when this result was first published in Jun 2021 (blotter, which often contains ink, can cause peaks that are not always reported). The GC/MS graph for the substance that was identified as tri-ethyl citrate is pictured, left.

Tri-ethyl citrate is not psychoactive, and its presence has no clear explanation. Perhaps it was included at some point in the solution of LSD as a protectant. This is speculative.