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Sold as: Oxy
ID: 10803
Test Date: Jul 19, 2021
Pub. Date: Jul 19, 2021
Src Location: Sacramento, CA
Submitter Loc: Auburn, CA
United States
Color: Blue
Size: 115 mg, 6.56 x 3.42
Data Source: DrugsData
Tested by: DDL
Lab's ID: 21070036
Sold as: Oxy
Expected to be: Fent, Heroin
Lab comments:
Regarding Metamizole / 4-Methylaminoantipyrine:

Our current GC/MS protocol can not distinguish between metamizole and 4-methylaminoantipyrine. 4-Methylaminoantipyrine is a metabolite of metamizole. Their mass spectra are indistinguishable because metamizole undergoes thermal decomposition to 4-methylaminoantipyrine and aminopyrine during GC-MS analysis. The chemical identified in this sample could be either Metamizole or 4-Methylaminoantipyrine, or a combination of the two.
Round light blue tablet with 'M' on one side, '30' and break line on the other. Counterfeit oxycodone.

Experience Note: 'Slight calming effect. Stopped taking them after 2 years and no withdrawals so very curious what's in them.'
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