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Sold as: Pure Fentanyl
ID: 10825
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GC/MS Graph
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GC/MS Graph
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Sample contains multiple unidentified chemicals.
Sold as: Pure Fentanyl
Expected to be: Fentanyl Analogue
Lab comments:
The N-Phenethylpropanamide was identified by library match.

Unidentified Substance #1: 10 parts

Unidentified Substance #2: 2 part

Tan powder in baggie.

Sender description of material: 'Brown sticky powder.'

Experience Note: 'Feels like fentanyl. Strong odor. Possibly suggests crudely made/unfiltered ... Would like to find which fentanyl analog it is. This will help understand how it was made and its safety.'
Jul 19, 2021: Major ions of the unidentified substance #1 are very similar to those of the unidentified substance in sample #9312.
Unidentifed Substances
This sample contains an unidentified chemical. We do not have a matching substance in our lab's internal database and have not yet been able to identify the chemical(s).

We need the help of outside expert analytical chemists and drug geeks to determine what substance matches the mass spectrum (MS) fingerprint. The lab's GC/MS graphs can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnails on this page.

Please use our contact form and include the EcstasyData ID (10825) or this URL along with any communications.