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Sold as: Mushroom Gummies
ID: 10869
Sold as: Mushroom Gummies
Expected to be: Psilocybin, maybe LSD or mescaline
Has Been Tried: No
Lab comments:
Store-purchased gummies that visually matched the submitted sample were also analyzed, and the total-ion chromatogram is very similar to the sample gummy. The sample gummy had no unknown peaks detected.
Gummy bears. [DrugsData accepts candies for testing by prior approval only.]

Per sender: 'It appears to be store-bought gummy bears with some dried residue of a liquid that was dripped on it. You can see the marks.'
Sep 1 2021: No drugs were detected in these gummies after multiple re-analyses.

The lab specifically searched for signs of tryptamines and there aren't any. Psilocin, Psilocybin, and 4-Acetoxy-DMT are all ruled out with certainty.

The baseline chromatogram (the output from the GC/MS process that is examined for the presence of a drug or drugs) of this sample is very 'busy', much like a store-bought gummy candy, which the lab also purchased and analyzed for the purpose of comparison.

In other candies that the lab has tested in the past that contain a drug or have a drug on their surface, the drugs are easily seen as GC peaks.