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Sold as: Diclazepam
ID: 11190
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Sold as: Diclazepam
Expected to be: Diclazepam
Sep 24 2021: We have confirmed the identification of the unid in this sample as Tibutylamine using a certified reference standard. Tributylamine is a leftover synthesis contaminant, probably a solvent that was accidentally left in the final product.

Sep 14 2021: Through DrugsData's expert network, we got a tentative identification of tributylamine for the unidentified substance in this sample. This may be a precursor chemical. A reference standard for tributylamine has been ordered, and the sample will be re-analyzed after the reference standard reaches the lab.
Granular white powder in baggie.

Sender code could be CLA25, CCA25, or LLA25 (first two characters are ambiguous).