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Antibiotics (A45)
Sold as: Amoxicilin
ID: 11202
Sold as: Amoxicilin
Expected to be: Fillers
Has Been Tried: Yes
Lab comments:
Antibiotics may or may not be detected by GC/MS, which is the testing method the DrugsData lab uses. Antibiotics may or may not be present in this sample.
Pink and dark blue capsule with white powder. No drugs were detected in this capsule. DrugsData does not report fillers.
The DrugsData project is focused on testing psychoactive, recreational, and controlled substances. Analyzing antibiotics is outside of our field of interest or expertise.

Because you do not need your sample tested anonymously, you may want to contact the labs at the bottom of our Additional Testing Resources page.

This isn't the right service for testing non-psychoactive pharmaceuticals like antibiotics.