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Pyramid (Triangle)
Sold as: Synthetic Mescaline
ID: 11289
Sold as: Synthetic Mescaline
Expected to be: TMA-2 + Mescaline
Has Been Tried: No
Lab comments:
TMA originally identified by library match, TMA-2 later confirmed.
Square bright blue tablet pressed with triangular shape with a notch and stripe (stylized teepee?). Break line on back.

Sender comments that reagent reactions (prior to sending in sample) were Marquis - Green; Liebermann - Green; Mecke - Green.
Jan 04 2022: This sample was re-analyzed and TMA-2 has been confirmed.

Sep 30 2021: Reference standards are available for various isomers of TMA and four of them have been ordered. This sample will be re-analyzed after the lab receives these standards.