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Sold as: Not Specified
ID: 11669
Result Photo Detail Photo Detail Photo
GC/MS Graph
Detail Photo
Test Date: Nov 22, 2021
Pub. Date: Nov 22, 2021
Src Location: Greenfield, MA
Submitter Loc: Greenfield, MA
United States
Color: Gray / Brown
Size: 50 mg
Data Source: DrugsData
Tested by: DDL
Lab's ID: 21110100
Sold as: Not Specified
Expected to be: Not Specified
Lab comments:
At the time it was first analyzed this sample contained an unidentified substance that has since been identified.
Sugars / Diluents Detected
The lab identified sugars or diluents in this sample: Mannitol

Grey power and part of white paper baggie. Described as ''Brown Rock'' by sender.
Dec 16 2021: The previously unidentified substance has been identified as Hydrocotarnine. Hydrocotarnine and Meconin are breakdown products of Noscapine.