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Sold as: Tapentadol
ID: 12081
Sold as: Tapentadol
Expected to be: Tapentadol
Has Been Tried: Yes
Round unmarked orange tablet with break lines. From blister pack.
''I've been buying online since July with different results form different distributors. Last two months have been experiencing 'serotonin syndrome' types of abnormalities. I take only one per day - sometimes half, sometimes I skip days. Been feeling so off with these ''attacks'' I get, that I drug tested my urine with negative results for the top 7 drugs. ... I am suspicious that this may possibly [be] some sort of Haldol, Lithium or other type of pill because it is not showing as a narcotic in the urine. I'm having enough issues to need to find out what I've been taking. I feel like my sinuses suddenly clear, heart races, get a very upset stomach and my ears ring during the 5-10 minute episodes now happening often. ... It keeps [me] wide awake and 'dries' my sinuses.''