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Yellow Tablet (Japanese Lunesta)
Sold as: Lunesta
ID: 12249
Sold as: Lunesta
Expected to be: Maybe real. Maybe counterfeit or contaminated.
Has Been Tried: Yes
Light yellow tablet with Katakana characters spelling out 'LUNESTA' character and numeral 2.

Submitter wrote: 'Yellow tablet, marked with proper pill imprint, in packaging looks real/legitimate.'
Regarding isomers -- Our lab's techniques cannot distinguish stereoisomer composition of any substance we analyze.

This program reports on psychoactive substances contained in samples. We report a list of identified drugs in the sample with ratios. Amounts/dose, binders or other inactive agents such as sugars, salts, etc. are not reported. Determining whether a tablet is counterfeit or not is outside the scope of what we offer.