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Yellow Blotter (Microdose)
Sold as: LSD
ID: 12282
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GC/MS Graph
Detail Photo
Sold as: LSD
Expected to be: LSD
Has Been Tried: No
Lab comments:
Analyzed 3x. The LSD produced a very small GC/MS response.
Yellow blotter paper with two faint blue lines.
Jul 18 2022: A certified reference standard for TBP was run alongside this sample: TBP confirmed. TBP is not psychoactive.

Jun 22 2022: Tributyl phosphate (CAS# 126-73-8) has been suggested as a potential identification for the unidentified substance in this sample. (Thank you, Y.) A certified reference standard for Tributyl phosphate (TBP) is available.

TBP is a chemical with industrial uses, sometimes used as a solvent or added as a plasticizer in things like inks and resins.

Mar 3 2022: It's not clear whether the unidentified substance is related to ink on the paper, or, a separate compound.