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Sold as: Mephedrone
ID: 13629
Sold as: Mephedrone
Expected to be: Not Specified
Has Been Tried: No
Lab comments:
4-MMC is closest match.
Beige powder in capsule.
Regarding positional isomers: This is a chemical that has multiple 'ring-positional isomers'. That means that the hexagonal benzene ring that makes up part of the chemical can have 'arms' that form the rest of the chemical attached at various locations around the ring. Some drugs, such as this one, have multiple possible places along the ring that these parts can attach, and have nearly-identical or identical retention times in the Gas Chromatograph (GC) and identical mass spectra (MS). We can say with certainty that the substance is what we've identified, but can't be certain which position on the ring the rest of the molecule is attached. The best match is 4-MMC.