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Sold as: Cannabis
ID: 14400
Sold as: Cannabis
Expected to be: Adulterated cannabis, MDMB-FUBINACA or similar
Has Been Tried: Yes
Lab comments:
Other minor natural cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, others) present. Entire sample tested and baggie rinsed: no synthetic cannabinoids present.
Plant material in baggie. [DrugsData accepts cannabis and cannabis products by prior approval only.]

Sample acquired in late 2021.
''Overwhelmingly strong synthetic smell. Very harsh on lungs. Produces a hangover. Abnormal high especially when used in edible - unbelievably potent for home-made edibles (estimated test dose of edible to be 2.5mg THC if it was 20% THC, Felt more like 10mg or more), 3 hr comeup, strong discoordination (walking into walls), no euphoria or positive mental effects, tachycardia (150+ bpm), chest pains lasting for several days, visuals, impending doom, panic, trauma from final experience with it. Compared to medical edible, effects differed dramatically.''