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Heroin (Dunkin Donuts)
Sold as: Heroin
ID: 14598
Sold as: Heroin
Expected to be: Not Specified
Has Been Tried: Yes
Sugars / Diluents Detected
The lab identified sugars or diluents in this sample: Mannitol

Beige powder in paper bag with 'DUNKIN DONUTS' stamp.
''Blindness, hallucination, sick''
Nov 22 2022: Atropine/Hyoscymaine confirmed present. Atropine and Hyoscyamine cannot be differentiated by lab's current method, they are chiral compounds and elute at the same retention time. It's possible to differentiate them in GC/MS with specialized chiral analysis.

Oct 27 2022: Atropine/Hyoscyamine detected, sample will be retested to differentiate them by certified standard (atropine standard has been ordered).