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Off-White Powder
Sold as: 6-APB
ID: 14987
Sold as: 6-APB
Expected to be: Mescaline, or an esoteric tryptamine
Has Been Tried: No
Off-white/beige powder in opaque black bag.

Submitter notes that (prior to sending) they ''Tested with common reagents and results leaned towards mescaline but were inconclusive - Ehrlich: light pink reaction, Froehde: yellow orange reaction, Simon's: no reaction, Liebermann: red tinged dark black, Mecke: dark brown/black, Marquis: bright orange''.
Jan 25 2023: Trimethoprim confirmed in comparison to reference standard.

Dec 7 2022: Trimethoprim identified by library match. A reference standard is available for Trimethoprim.