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Sold as: Methamphetamine
ID: 15103
Sold as: Methamphetamine
Expected to be: Isopropylbenzylamine (and/or fentanyl)
Has Been Tried: Yes
White-clear crystals in blue baggie. Sample name given as ''Sleeper Dope''.

Submitter notes that (prior to sending): 'Marquis reagent gives a positive result for meth. Immunoassay tests give a positive for meth.'
''It closely resembles methamphetamine in appearance but does not have any of the effects of meth. It is softer than meth and is easily crushed. It smokes like meth but takes longer to melt and longer to cool down... The effects are lethargy, confusion, difficulty making decisions, headaches, etc.''
Please don't send samples this large to DrugsData.

It's important that samples submitted to this testing program be no more than 200 mg of material (ideally 20 to 50 mg). Keep in mind that just enough to *half* fill a capsule is more than enough. There is no advantage to sending more material, and samples that are too heavy may be delayed or require additional payment.

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