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C7 Tri-Lo-Sprintec (Generic)
Sold as: Norgestimate + Estradiol
ID: 15819
Sold as: Norgestimate + Estradiol
Expected to be: Norgestimate + Estradiol
Has Been Tried: Yes
Round barrel-shaped light blue tablet with 'C7' imprint and no other markings.
This pharmaceutical tablet purchased inside the United States should contain norgestimate 0.215mg + ethinyl estradiol 0.025mg. It is a common 'low dose' birth control/hormone replacement therapy product. Analyzed to verify DrugsData's ability to identify ethinyl estradiol because of samples sold as estradiol submitted in Nov 2022.

Norgestimate present in the tablet was not detected by the lab. The lab does not have a norgestimate reference standard. These substances are outside DrugsData's primary mission and we will not be following up on this matter.