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ID: 1634
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Microgram: The DEA Western Laboratory (San Francisco, California) recently received two exhibits of apparent Ecstasy tablets, all 9 millimeters in diameter by 4 millimeters thick, suspected MDMA (see Photos 7 and 8 (colors not true)). The exhibits were acquired by the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office (no further details). [...] The second exhibit contained two multicolored speckled pink tablets (total net mass 256 milligrams) with a crown logo. Analysis of both exhibits by GC and GC/IRD, however, identified not MDMA but rather a mixture of ketamine, methamphetamine, and dimethylsulfone. The drug components were not formally quantitated, but were estimated as [...] 1.4 percent ketamine and 0.7 percent methamphetamine in the crown logo tablets. This is believed to be the first submission of Ecstasy mimic tablets containing a mixture of ketamine and methamphetamine to the Western Laboratory.