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ID: 1658
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Microgram: The DEA South Central Laboratory (Dallas, Texas) recently received 50 bluish-purple tablets with a '$' logo on one side and half-score on the other side, weighing 262 milligrams each, suspected MDMA ([...] note that the color in the photo is not true). The tablets were acquired in Oklahoma City as a result of an undercover purchase by agents from the DEA Oklahoma City Division. Analysis by GC, GC/MS, FTIR, and HPLC confirmed 55 milligrams of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine hydrochloride per tablet, along with 49 milligrams of creatine per tablet (creatine is a health food supplement). This is believed to be the first submission of MDMA tablets containing creatine to the South Central Laboratory.

[Microgram Editor's Notes: The analytical profile for creatine has been presented in two recent articles in Microgram: 2000;33(8):223 and 2001;34(2):33. Note that all issues of Microgram prior to January 2003 are law enforcement restricted.]