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Volkswagon (VW)
ID: 1661
Result Photo
Test Date: Sep 01, 2004
Pub. Date: Jun 25, 2008
Src Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Submitter Loc: Amsterdam, --
Color: Green
Size: 131 mg, 7.00 mm x 3.00 mm
Data Source: DEA
Tested by: DEA
Lab's ID: 20040901
Microgram: The DEA Mid Atlantic Laboratory (Largo, Maryland) recently received 407,545 green tablets inscribed with a Volkswagen logo on one side and a score mark on the other, suspected MDMA [...]. The exhibit was seized in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) from a Venezuelan known to import Ecstasy tablets into the United States through Miami and Washington, DC. The tablets were round, approximately 7 mm in diameter and 3 mm in thickness, and weighed 131 milligrams each (total net mass approximately 53 kilograms). Color testing by the Marquis gave a black color; and further analysis by FTIR, GC, and GC/MS confirmed 52 milligrams MDMA/tablet. This was one of the largest seizures of MDMA tablets that the Mid Atlantic Laboratory has ever seen (however, Volkswagen logo tablets have been previously submitted).