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ID: 1778
Result Photo
The Oregon State Police Central Point Forensic Laboratory recently received 15 round tablets, suspected Ecstasy (not shown). The tablets were seized in Medford by the Medford Police Department (details sensitive). The tablets consisted of one red tablet with an indistinguishable imprint (total net mass 0.2 gram), five blue tablets with a Transformers head imprint (total net mass 1.1 grams), and nine yellow tablets with a Transformers head imprint (total net mass 2.1 grams). Analysis by color testing and GC/MS indicated MDMA, methamphetamine, and cocaine for the red tablet (not quantitated) and MDMA for the blue and yellow tablets (not quantitated). This was the first submission of these type tablets to the laboratory. In addition, this was the first time that a tablet containing MDMA, methamphetamine, and cocaine was seen in one of the Oregon State Police laboratories.