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ID: 1804
Result Photo
ID: 1804
Name: Snoopy
Other Names:
GC/MS:More infoThe GC/MS Lab Test  
Test Date: Jun 01, 2009
Pub. Date: Aug 26, 2009
Src Location: Asheville, NC
Submitter Loc: Asheville, NC
United States
Color: White
Size: -
Data Source: DEA
Tested by: DEA
Lab's ID: 090600_02
The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, Western Regional Laboratory (Asheville, North Carolina) received five tablets shaped like the heads of Ninja Turtles, Snoopy, and Barack Obama, suspected Ecstasy (see Photo 1). Analysis of the tablets by GC/MS revealed that the tablets contained BZP, TFMPP, and caffeine (the predominant compound). Clandestine tablet preparations containing BZP are common submissions; however, these were the first tablets of their kind to be submitted to the laboratory. Most tablets submitted are round and vary in imprint/stamps. These tablets were quite detailed.