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Sold as: Dope
ID: 18132
Sold as: Dope
Expected to be: Not Specified
Has Been Tried: Yes
Off-white powder in baggie.
Nov 30 2023: 2-Fluorofentanyl / ortho-Fluorofentanyl: Our analytical method is capable of reliably differentiating 2- ,3-, and 4-Fluorofentanyl when using pure analytical standards. In this real world sample, the results were more ambiguous.

We are certain about this sample containing Fluorofentanyl, the only question is the ring position of the fluorine. After several attempts, we've settled on identifying this as 2-Fluorofentanyl (aka ortho-Fluorofentanyl). This is the first time we've identified 2-Fluorofentanyl in a sample.