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Sold as: 2C-B
ID: 19178
Sold as: 2C-B
Expected to be: 2C-B
Has Been Tried: Yes
Lab comments:
Trace 2C-B (ratio 0.01) present.
White tablet shaped like Volcom logo. Same on back, no break line.
Submitter note: ''Rotating spike halos around lights, made things look like they were filled with liquid, and I could 'feel' what we saw merge with environment. Couldn't sit still, walked a lot. Zero bruxism or jaw clenching. Major leg shakes when seated like a motor like I always get from any classic psychedelic. Got worried but reassured myself and took a walk and ended trip on a peaceful note. Did not sleep but was able to fully relax upon comedown. The next day with no ill effects and felt happier (I have severe depression diagnosis)''.