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Yellow Powder
Sold as: Etomethazene
ID: 19841
Sold as: Etomethazene
Expected to be: Etomethazene + Benzo
Has Been Tried: Yes
Lab comments:
Apr 26 2024: This sample is initially identified as Protonitazene, but the lab wants to rule out Etomethazene (5-methyl Etodesnitazene).

The mass spectra for Protonitazene and Etomethazene are similar, except Etomethazene has a small 363 ion peak. Our lab does not currently have a certified reference standard for Etomethazene, but one is available. It might be months before we see the results of any new analysis compared to the Etomethazene standard. Check back for updates.
Soft yellow powder in heat-sealed reflective pouch.
''Sedation longer lasting effects than expected''