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New Year (Unknown)
ID: 2090
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GC/MS Graph
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Lab comments:
This is probably ethylone or butylone, but we don't have access to a reference standard. Also, ethylone and butylone are very difficult to tell apart using GC/MS.
Submitter writes: 'Sold as ecstasy, suspected to be NOT MDMA, had hallucinogenic/dissociative effects'.

Current identification theory : ethylone, butylone.
March 2, 2015: Finally confirmed the identity of this sample as butylone. Thanks Nyak!
'I am a lady that is still Butylone. At the time I had got up examination and the same confusion solved by NMR and the difference in the spectra of the two substances. In Ethylone pretty intense ion 44, which is practically not in Butylone.'