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TMP (Thai Molly Pure)
ID: 2529
Result Photo
Comments from Submitter: Sold as Ecstasy, suspected to be Zolpidem. Named TMP, which is believed to be Thai MDMA Pure, Thai Molly Pure. Random 5 digit code: 10Z53. The imprint on this pill is TMP inside two semi-circles. It is being sold on the streets as a very pure ecstasy tablet. A friend of mine (who is experienced with the effects of MDMA) tried taking 2 tablets and they did not produce the expected effects.

He seemed to be in a dream-like state and did not remember much of what happened that evening. Additionally, when these pills are placed on the tongue, they make it numb. Upon swallowing the pills the throat becomes numb as well. The numbing they produce is identical to that produced by chewable benzocaine tablets.

These pills are very cheap and turning up in bulk quantities.