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ID: 2829
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The lab tried doing reagent testing on the blotter, but using the reagents on paper is not consistent and not reliable. The paper could react, the ink could react and the amounts of the chemical are likely so low that the color change would be minimal, even if the substances on the blotter would react.

In this case, we do not believe there was any color change between the AL-LAD blotter and the 3 reagents tried.
The lab was unable to confirm the identity of the AL-LAD, but the mass spectrum is consistent with some unconfirmed AL-LAD spectrums online. We are giving this a high likelyhood of being AL-LAD, but we aren't certain.
An academic research lab has analyzed a sample using NMR from the same source with the same markings and believes they have confirmed the sample is AL-LAD using that method. Because there are a number of very similar structures (chemicals), it will require more analysis to be certain of the identification.