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Yellow Mario Star (BLJNT)
ID: 2851
One of the top cutest MDMA-containing ecstasy tablets we've ever seen.
One visitor commented:

'The yellow stars are imported to the US, the originate in Holland. They are very common in Holland, sold for around 5-7 euroes, they are very popular, and cute. Some have been tested and found to contain as much as 180mg of MDMA.'
One visitor commented:

'Yellow Mario Stars, as far as I know they are available globally in a pretty large quantity. Heard the first batch crumbled very easily so they stopped pressing them. But with the current influx of them I'm assuming they replaced the binder and are now pressing more.'
A visitor from Germany writes:

'Regarding how many stars are on the market: As of October 30, 2013, they're pretty common for more than 2 months in Germany and have a good reputation.'

Greets from Germany, HAM