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Modvigil (YNYNY)
ID: 3111
This sample contains only modafinil and normal tablet binders.

Update May 13, 2014: The lab received a pure standard of modafinil and was able to confirm that this sample was pure modafinil.

The previously reported benzophenone that was detected by the lab had been created during the testing process and is not present in the original tablet.

Thanks to everyone, including the vendor, who helped get this issue resolved.
The notes are out of date and not accurate. We include them for historical purposes to show what that our original result was an error and that we've corrected it. Real forensic, analytical chemistry is very difficult.

Benzophenone is a precursor chemical and could be a contaminant from an incomplete synthesis. Minor traces of other organic compounds were present but not identified. The lab's original view is that the Benzophenone is from an incomplete synthesis, but we have toned down that language. We have ordered the necessary lab standards to be able to better analyze modafinil [apr 2 2014], it will be a couple weeks before we get the samples and can re-run the analysis.
Please note that the lab cannot yet verify whether the submitted tablet contained only modafinil or modafinil and Benzophenone. We are working (April 2014) to resolve this question. It is possible (or even likely) the tablet is pure modafinil. Until we have known pure modafinil to test (already ordered from certified supplier), we can't be sure of the result.

The lab notes: Modafinil degrades in the GC column and mass spectra match is base on degradation product of modafinil in the MS. Benzophenone and other minor trace organic compounds could be resultant of modafinil degradation products in the GC/MS.