• Fentanyl (SP39T)
  • ID: 3169
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GC/MS Graph
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Submitter: Sold as Fentanyl HCL, Expected to be Fentanyl Freebase. Submitter says chemical was positive for semi-synthetic opioid, using Sirchie NARK II Special Opiates Reagent (NARK20010) Field Test Kit.
Initially, the lab was unable to identify the substance in this sample. After consulting with our experts, it appears the sample is nearly pure UR-144F, an unusual synthetic cannabinoid product. The second apparent substance is considered to be a breakdown product resulting from the analytical method. The second substance is a 'thermal isomer' of the main substance.
We've now included structures for the two compounds. The UR-144f (XLR11) and the high temperature degradation product. The submitted sample was very likely pure UR-144F (XLR11).