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Needlepoint Blotter
ID: 3374
This sample of blotter was analyzed using GC/MS by Energy Control in Spain.

They found only LSD: 89.7 micrograms in the blotter.

The rest of substances detected (phtalates, glicerol derivatives) are related to components of the blotter (plastic, paper...) and are harmless.

When they made the extract of the blotter and injected it into the GC/MS, they apparently treated the blotter extract with something that converts alcohols into trimethylsilyl ethers, hence two of the components are trimethylsilyl ethers (LSD won't form one of these derivatives).

Submitter: Sold as LSD 'NeedlePoint'. Thought to be Non-LSD Ergoloid. Sent from Atlanta, GA. Original source United States.

Also note sure if you need all this but I wrote a little on this.

It is not clear to me how they determined the 89.7 micrograms. Usually they will do a standard curve with different amounts of standard LSD to see how the size of the eluted peak compares with the unknown sample. They must have done that here, but they don't show those data. In fact, the report is a 'Qualitative Analysis Report' and not a Quantitative Analysis Report. Not sure why.

This analysis gave the amount of LSD free base on the blotter (89.7 micrograms). But it is typically loaded onto the blotter as LSD tartrate. The molecular weight of LSD tartrate is 413.51 (two LSD molecules + 1 tartaric acid). So the actual weight of LSD tartrate on the blotters is: 413.51/323.43 x 89.7 = 114.7, so they were probably trying to hit 100 micrograms per blotter.

Regarding purity, no other compounds were detected except for the phthalate and trimethylsilyl ethers. That is, apparently no iso-LSD or ergot degradation products were observed. So it would seem to be pretty pure, although not every possible impurity will elute from a GC column, and it would have been better if they had used LC/MS, which won't degrade heat-sensitive compounds. So we can't tell how 'pure' the LSD is, but in the way they analyzed it with GC/MS no other compounds were seen.
For reasons unknown, Energy Control did not provide the pages from their quantitative analysis of this sample.