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Green Adidas (BUNK1)
Sold as: MDMA
ID: 3392
Sold as: MDMA
Expected to be: Not MDMA
Submitter:: Sold as MDMA. Expected to be as always, anything but MDMA.
Submitter: I was quite taken by surprise to see the results. Let me first say that I'm 49 years old and have been doing E since it was legal in the mid-80's. I would think that I'm somewhat qualified to know the real thing vs. something different.

My guess was that the tablet was going to contain something like MDA: 2 and caffeine: 1. So seeing MDMA:1 and caffeine: trace really threw me. I had no feelings of love on these and very, very minimal feelings of empathy. I felt more fucked up than anything pleasant. This feeling was shared by the three others I did these with. All in all, I took three tablets during the course of the evening. Two up front and one more an hour and a half later (based on Shulgin's recommended dosing). They took an unusual amount of time to kick in (roughly 45 minutes to an hour). I was also slightly unsteady in my gate off just the original two. I did have massive eye wiggles, but other than that, not the usual wonderful feelings associated with MDMA. There was also no afterglow the following day. Just extreme tiredness and withdrawn and a longer recovery than normal. Again, another reason I assumed MDA.