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Red Riboflavin Capsule (AH222)
Sold as: Riboflavin
ID: 3416
Sold as: Riboflavin
Expected to be: Fillers
Submitter: Product sold as riboflavin supplement, expected to be just fillers and starch.

Erowid Note: Sample may contain riboflavin, however please note that the lab does not specialize in identifying vitamins and minerals.
The lab tech wrote:

I picked up a Riboflavin supplement at RiteAid. Under our GCMS conditions, we could not see riboflavin. I believe we could alter the compound by derivatizing it, but this will be research so I won't pursue it. In general, with our non-polar column design for drugs, sugars such as riboflavins that have a lot of (OH) hydroxide groups are likely not seen, especially sugars who have a lot of them.

One interesting thing about riboflavin (B2) is that solutions of it in water turns yellow and fluoresces under uv light. (Wikipedia).

50100003 Riboflavin AH222 is an orange capsule filled with white powders.

These white powder made the aqueous solution turned yellow and it too fluoresces under UV. So, 50100003 is likely to contain riboflavin; however, it's neither confirmed or excluded.