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Alprazolam Capsule (LINDA)
Sold as: Alprazolam
ID: 3573
Sold as: Alprazolam
Expected to be: Alprazolam
Submitter: Sold as Alprazolam (Xanax), expected to be Alprazolam.
We re-ran the test multiple times on first submission and then again later to try to look for research chemical benzos active at much lower doses.

DDL writes: I just retested the sample again. It's still a flat baseline with none detected. I concentrated the sample and used all of the remaining powder.

Reporting 'none detected' is the hardest finding to confirm. If the first pass attempt shows no drugs found, the analysis is repeated with a larger amount of the sample concentrated before injection. Depending on the sample, different solvents are used to try to find something in the sample.