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Unknown Capsule (E2384)
Sold as: 4-Fluoroamphetamine
ID: 3600
Sold as: 4-Fluoroamphetamine
Expected to be: Other Stimulant
Submitter: Sold as 4-fluoroamphetamine. Expected to be 4-CA, 3-FA, 2-FA, 4-FMA, 2-FMA, or degraded 4-FA powder.

EcstasyData: Substance contained only Fluoromethcathinone. The techniques used by the lab cannot differentiate between positional isomers for the location of the Fluorine atom. This is likely to be 4-Fluoromethcathinone based on reports that is the most common isomer, but the results would look the same to the lab if it were 2-fluoromethcathinone or 3-fluoromethcathinone.