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Roche Valium (DIAZ)
Sold as: Roche Vailum
ID: 3684
Sold as: Roche Vailum
Expected to be: Diazepam
Submitter: Sold as Roche V Cut Valium, expected to be Diazepam.

Submitter: A friend got addicted to xanax and couldn't taper because of the short half life. He found the Ashton Benzo manual and saw a way out. He made a small purchase of Valium with the V cut all the way through. Then ordered enough for his long slow taper. But the second batch was not the same! We both searched online and came up with nothing.

So he's praying that he didn't get ripped off or worse. Our main concern is that it is not Valium at all and something else bad. I told my friend not to take them until we had a lab test done.