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Sold as: 25I-NBOH HCl
ID: 5147
Sold as: 25I-NBOH HCl
Expected to be: 25I-NBOH HCl
Sample submitted from Texas, USA.

Update March 20, 2017: We finally got the lab standards for the main four NBOH compounds and retested this sample. The originally reported 2C-I, 2C-H, and 2C-C were wrong and the actual substances are 25I-NBOH, 25C-NBOH, and 25H-NBOH.
Old Notes

2/14/17: A lab standard for 25I-NBOH has been ordered, this sample will be retested after lab standard is received.

The lab originally reported: Identification by library match. 25I-NBOH can not be ruled out (analytical report from National Forensic Laboratory of Slovenia suggests its GC/MS result is similar to 2C-I.)