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Katy Love
Sold as: Herbal Ecstasy
ID: 5553
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GC/MS Graph
Detail Photo
GC/MS Graph
Detail Photo
Test Date: Jul 17, 2017
Pub. Date: Aug 03, 2017
Src Location: Los Angeles, CA
Submitter Loc: Grass Valley, CA
United States
Color: Yellow / Green
Size: 1576 mg, 27.40 mm x 9.50 mm
Data Source: DrugsData (EcstasyData)
Tested by: DDL
Lab's ID: 20170700042
Sample contains multiple unidentified chemicals.
Sold as: Herbal Ecstasy
Expected to be: Unknown, Kava, Caffeine, Ephedrine
Lab comments:
One of the Unidentified materials (the one pictured at the top, left, that is in a ratio of 1.5 to the other listed materials revealed by the analysis) may be a breakdown of other compounds. It's a lightweight GC/MS compound. The liquid portion of the capsule was not analyzed; it was insoluble in water or methanol.
This is a commercial fake-ecstasy replacement product that advertises itself heavily, using exaggerated experience reports to trick inexperienced people into buying their overpriced herbal ecstasy.
Capsules of this commercially available product contain three distinct materials: a brown powder, a green powder, and a yellow liquid.

Listed ingredients on packaging: 'Vanuatu Root Extract, Green Tea Extract, Cocoa Bean Extract, Amino Acid Concentrate, Vitamin B12, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Camellia Assamica Tea, Intellect Tree Seed Extracts, Organic Vitamin E, Kigelia Africana Fruit Extract.'

Complete Marquis Results: for brown powder - Light brown; for green powder - Light green; for liquid - Orange-brown. Mecke Results: for both powders - Brown; for liquid - Dark brown; Mandelin Results - for both powders: Yellow-brown; for liquid: Brown. Ehrlich result for the liquid did not produce a reaction.
Aug 3 2017 Update: One of the two Unidentifieds (the one pictured second, left) is tentatively, but not certainly, identified as a caffeine-like chemical, Theacrine (1,3,7,9-tetramethyluric acid).
Unidentifed Substances
This sample contains an unidentified chemical. We do not have a matching substance in our lab's internal database and have not yet been able to identify the chemical(s).

We need the help of outside expert analytical chemists and drug geeks to determine what substance matches the mass spectrum (MS) fingerprint. The lab's GC/MS graphs can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnails on this page.

Please use our contact form and include the DrugsData ID (5553) or this URL along with any communications.