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Sold as: Not Specified [4-M]
ID: 5682
Sold as: Not Specified [4-M]
Expected to be: Not Specified
Lab comments:
4-MEC confirmed (Sep 10, 2017) after original identification of Methylethylcathinone by library match.
Sep 11, 2017 Update: After running the three isomers, the lab confirmed that this sample contains 4-MEC only. [Details]

Sep 5, 2017: Provisionally identified as MEC by library match, but unable to differentiate positional isomers. Lab standards were ordered for 4-MEC, 3-MEC, and 2-MEC and this sample will be retested to confirm the identification.
White powder sample in clear blue bag. Submitted from Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

This sample was received on 7/11/2017 but was only just processed on Sep 4. Sample was received in a very flat letter envelope that became lodged in the side of the samples box. To the person who submitted this sample, please contact .