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Sold as: Molly
ID: 5776
Sold as: Molly
Expected to be: MDMA
Lab comments:
(Nov 13 2017 Update) Sample was re-tested; all of the material left over after the original analysis, including the capsule, was dissolved in solvent and homogenized. Re-test confirmed original result: Only MDMA no traces of fentanyl or other compounds.
Light brown powder submitted from San Francisco, California.

Sender notes that prior to sending, 'strip test tested positive for Fentanyl'.

Immunoassay tests and reagent tests do not identify substances, though their results can be consistent with or inconsistent with the presence of the target chemical.

The first GC/MS analysis for this sample did not detect the presence of fentanyl. The second GC/MS analysis confirmed the first one.